Covid-19 Infection And Pets

Covid-19 Infection And Pets

I want to know if I should get rid of my pets (A dog and Pussy Cat) because of what I recently read in one of the dailies that pets can transmit the COVID 19 infection. A common question from pet lovers who are still confused about if there pets are liable of getting infected.

As of today, there is little scientific evidence to suggest that pets such as dogs and cats are easily infected with the COVID 19 virus under normal conditions, or could transmit it.

However, experts recommend that in high areas of COVID 19 infection, it will be advisable to keep pets indoors or avoid socialization of pets with other animals.

They also suggest the following procedures when handling or caring for animals; washing your hands before and after interacting with animals, avoiding kissing your pets or letting them lick you or share your food. In order to disallow pets from interacting with people or other animals outside the household, pets should be put on leashes. Covid-19 Infection And Pets

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