1. Poultry farming

This is one of the businesses that make you happy each time you see your bank account.

A professional in poultry farming, said that poultry farming business is very profitable and one of the good things is that is does not need too much introduction.

The rate in which people consum poultry eggs is high in Nigeria and egg is one of the sources of protein, and is 100 percent sure that any one who goes into poultry farming will never regret it.

2. Landry service

Without underestimating anyone this is one of the businesses any wise entrepreneur can venture into, and make some good money. In major cities these services are being looked for, because of their busy schedule, and any serious-minded business man should take these opportunity.

One of the interesting things is that it yields over 200 percent return on investment, and to get started you don’t need much you can start up the business in your apartment were you live, just with help of a washing machine and other few things.

3. Changing of phones

One of the challenges in the country is lack of stable electricity. Particularly in the rural areas were people can not afford a generator set for their personal use.

This is an opportunity for people to venture into it as a business, all you need is a wooden board were you can put as many phones as possible, a generator were you will get the power supply from, and you are good to go.

4. Organic drink production

People are getting to know the importance of naturally made organic drinks without sugar other than soft drinks, because of the high rate of stroke, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

So anyone who goes into this business will make sales and have profit, with a capital of 100k you can start up the business.

All you need is plastic bottles, the ingredients, and a refrigerator but if you don’t have a refrigerator you can start by buying ice block to use for the start.

5. Skincare

This is another business opportunity especially in Nigeria, females do not joke with their skin in any way, skincare business have the capacity to go across the country, especially if you take time to produce is by yourself.

And you can start with a capital as low as 100k and you will grow the business with time and make over 100 percent profile in return, all the equipment needed for it is everyway in the market.

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