Top Secrets of Obi Cubana urges youths not to give up

Top Secrets of Obi Cubana

Obi Cubana stressed, “I am a living testimony, there is hope for the young, even if you don’t know what you want to do, as long as you are willing to be directed, a good listener, fast learner, there is hope. Nigeria has over 200 million young populations which are growing. As someone in the entertainment industry, I see a lot of endless opportunities; in hotels, restaurants, music, arts, culture and all of these lies in the hands of young people. We rule in every aspect of these, so there is hope.”

Speaking on the success of the Cubana brand, he noted that from inception, their belief has been hinged on integrity, hard work and focus. “I wasn’t looking for a business I will do for a few years, pick the money and go, we are trying to create brands that will outlive us that our children will take over from them, so once they die, the business dies and their children are not even interested. Right now, we are building the Cubana brand to involve every member of the team, not just our children; Cubana can run without me that is why I can be here.”

“In most times, we see it as a hopeless situation and people do what they like, even the advanced countries have their own moments and so they take a decision to say enough is enough.

Top Secrets of Obi Cubana

The citizens and youths should also be prepared to know that it starts from us, the orientation and everything should begin with us, so as we grow, those who are behind us have something to look at and emulate. We should change the narrative before us and not do things just like those in front of us.”

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